Albuca Laboratory characterizes in fabrication of non-invasive, scientifically sound dental materials. Its focal product, EndoCal 10, is a majour breakthrough in endodontics


Effective in the treatment of endodontic pathology such as the most stubborn periapical infections, EndoCal 10 Heavy calcium oxide finally allows the dentist to successfully complete the Endodontic Triad: Complete canal penetration, canal asepsis and canal (primary and secondary) obturation. Due to its excellent hydric affinity, EndoCal 10 progressively penetrates inaccessible areas, without generation of pressure. By binding necrotic tissues and stimulating the healthy tissues, EndoCal 10 ensures specific internal permanent asepsis. This has earned EndoCal 10 the International Academy of Oral Medecine & Toxicology (IAOMT) Quebec Holistic Dentists Association's endorsement and recommendation for endodontic treatment. By using Heavy calcium oxide, you will prevent toxicity of the tooth at once and will be able to keep in full confidence non-vital teeth, without risks of affecting the general health of your patients.

“First, Do no Harm“

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